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Help Stop VisionFromFeeling (aka Anita Ikonen)

Anita Ikonen (aka VisionFromFeeling, formerly Alenara the breatharian), a former physics student at UNCC who runs the website www.VisionFromFeeling.com, tells us (among other things) that she's a human MRI of sorts. Anita claims to be able to detect medical ailments in people and see their insides, right down to the molecular level (and even DNA). I know what you're thinking: this should be pretty easy to prove.


Anita Ikonen

Many of those who hang out at the James Randi Educational Foundation* Forums worked very hard to get Anita Ikonen to submit to proper testing, which she has. She has failed. Repeatedly. And yet she continues to spew her outrageous claims to anyone who will listen and force them on those who don't want to listen. For a physics major at UNC-Charlotte, she is sorely lacking in her understanding of the scientific method, which is obvious after just a few minutes of learning about her claims. She says she wants to be a doctor, which is a scary thought considering her wild claims. I'm concerned where this will lead, so I created this site to expose her claims before she got into a position where should could a lot of harm. As it stands now, it's only her friends and family who are in danger of from her misguided medical claims.

Some of us believe she is delusional while others believe she is a deliberate fraud. Still others think she is simply misguided and naive (you can register your opinion below). Regardless, her paranomal claims should be addressed by critical thinkers. Far too many people like Anita Ikonen (VisionFromFeeling) are allowed to spew their half-baked ideas unchecked. This site serves to examine her claims with the impartial light of science so that we can stop these fantasies before any harm is done. Too bad someone didn't do this a decade ago when she was touring Poland as Alenara, spreading the gospel of breatharianism (the idiotic notion that humans can live without food).

She's Back!

Apparently she's got a few other websites where she talks about being a horse from outerspace and a breatharian:
Equine Breatharian
White Arcturian Horse
Ethereal Lights